The creation and sharing of internet memes on web2 by online communities

An explanation of the process of how online communities create and share memes on web2
Web2 refers to the second generation of the World Wide Web internet's evolution, which emphasizes centralized user-generated content and social media.
Internet memes are created and shared on web2 primarily through social media platforms and image-sharing websites. They are created by users who take a meme image , gif or video and add their own caption or text to it, creating a new and humorous context that tells a story or makes a joke, Users use tools such as meme generators, photo and video editing software to create their own memes. Once the meme is created, it can be shared often among users through platforms such as Forums, Facebook, Discord, Twitter, Reddit, as well as shared through messaging apps, email, instant messaging and other online platforms, where users can share and discuss them.
The spread of memes on web2 is typically driven by their popularity and the engagement of shares and views they receive.